Travel Team Information

Dubuque Pony League offers a travel team in addition to regular league play. Our tournament team, The Broncos, is wholly separate from our annual World Series teams. In order to be eligible for the Broncos, a player must be enrolled in our regular season PONY league. A Bronco player is neither guaranteed a World Series spot, nor given any preferential treatment in the voting for that team.

The Broncos' program is set up to give our PONY League players more opportunities during the year to play baseball. An annual tryout is held prior to each regular season for those that are interested in playing on the team. Coaches strive to provide a positive, fun and competitive baseball experience to improve basic fundamental skills. We are currently offering 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U travel teams. Itineraries and expectations are set by the individual coach for each level. Tryouts for the team will be held in September of the proceeding the spring season.

For the health and well being of our players, Dubuque PONY League has established regular season tournament caps for the Broncos:

  • 4 tournament cap for 9U and 10U

  • 5 tournament cap for 11U and 12U

The yearly price of having your player on the team will be $135. Please consult the FAQs for more information; we do strive to keep our costs low compared to other tournament based teams.

The Broncos, much like our regular league teams, is responsible to their divisional commissioner. The commissioner's role is simply to ensure that the appropriate number of tournaments is played at each age level and to be a liaison between the board of directors and the Broncos.

At each level travel commitment will vary. Our 9U and 10U Broncos will not leave Dubuque County for play, but 11U and 12U could have the potential to travel slightly further.

*Team selections are final, once approved by the Broncos Subcommittee. Coaches reserve the right to add players to their rosters as the year develops, but cannot drop a player during the year due to performance. Spots on rosters are not guaranteed year over year, but previous play on a Broncos team will be considered during the selection process.

**Broncos team coaches, after being approved through the board, are required to coach or assistant coach a traditional league team and must attend coaches meetings.