Shetland League

Shetland League is the Dubuque PONY League's 6 and under Tee Ball league.

Games will be played on SATURDAY mornings

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Shetland/Tee Ball (6U)


An instructional league for players ages four through six, intended to introduce the basic fundamentals of the game. Fun and recreation are stressed.

Quick Hits

  • Ages 4-6

  • Every player bats each inning

  • Base paths are 60 feet

  • Games played on Saturdays

  • Fun, fun, fun!!!

  • Registration Fee - $70 (Includes league t-shirt)

Final Score

The Shetland/Tee Ball program is set up for beginning players ages four through six. In this division, players will practice during the first segment before playing a game. They willbat through the order in each inning and utilize a Tee for the majority of the season. The base path is set at 60 feet. As the season draws to a close, the players graduate to having a coach pitch to them and will receive 4 pitched balls before a Tee is brought out. The primary goals are to introduce players to the game of baseball, give them a solid start in learning the fundamentals, what it means to be part of a team and to have fun while doing it.

Games are played at Derby Grange on Saturday mornings starting in early May (we do our best not to overlap with Dubuque Developmental Soccer) and will conclude by July 4th.