Pony League

Pony League is the Dubuque PONY League's 14 and under league.

Home Games will be played on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS at Veterans' Memorial Park. Monday nights are Prairie League nights. Thursday nights are Intra-league nights

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Pony (14U)


Thirteen and fourteen year old players compete in this league. This is the transition league that takes players from the “kid” leagues to “young adult” status and into a more competitive atmosphere.

Quick Hits

  • Ages 13-14

  • Player Pitched

  • Three outs per inning

  • Every player bats

  • 80 foot base paths

  • 54 foot pitcher’s mound

  • Games played on MONDAY and THURSDAY nights beginning in mid-April through mid-July at Veterans' Memorial Park

  • Registration Fee - $100 (Includes uniform shirt)

Final Score

Our PONY League is for 13 and 14 year olds, but it allows for advanced 12 year old players to play up in certain circumstances. Twelve year old players must attend a spring player evaluation session to be eligible to play up.

The base path is set at 80 feet with the pitcher’s mound set at 54 feet. This permits a player to play on a diamond that is tailored to his size and capability rather than being moved to one with twice the playing area in a single year. Pony League is specifically designed for the player in those formative early-teen years. The vast majority of players of league age 13 simply do not belong on a full-size diamond. At the same time, they have outgrown the dimensions of the “kid’s baseball” diamonds used in the Bronco League and other “12-and-under” programs. Well beyond the beginner’s stage, they have mastered all but the finest points of technique and strategy and can play the game with a skill comparable to that of older players, if you let them play it on a field specifically designed to match their physical limitations.

Games are played under the official rules of Major League Baseball. Dubuque PONY League teams are allowed to schedule games with other area teams (even in other leagues) that are interested. Schedules will be coordinated when possible with local high school baseball coaches and programs to minimize conflicts. Games played against fellow PONY associated Moline, Davenport, Bettendorf, IOWA PONY and Dubuque PONY league teams count as qualifiers for the PONY League World Series held in Washington, PA.

Information on divisional World Series can be found at http://ponyworldseries.org/

After attending a spring player evaluation session, players are placed on teams via a draft system. Once drafted, the player stays on that team until they move up to the Palomino League. For example, a twelve year old is drafted onto the Pony Bandits will remain on the Bandits until he moves up to the Palomino League. Players stay with their team to give them, their team and families a sense of consistency.