Fall Sandlot League

The Fall Sandlot league runs in September.

Look for registration to be open for this league in July

Games will be played on SATURDAYS

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Fall Ball

Fall Sandlot serves as a preparatory league for players moving into the Pinto 8U, Mustang 10U, and Bronco 12U Leagues. It is also a chance for players returning to these divisions to hone their skills for the upcoming Spring Season. A guaranteed 4 games will be played, but standings are not recorded.

The Fall Sandlot is open for anyone in the age ranges below to register, but space is limited. All games are played on Saturday afternoons at Derby Grange. Games begin in early September and run through the end of the month.

Registration Fee: $40.00

  • Junior Pinto: Age Range - 05/01/ to 04/30/

    It is our coach pitch program. Players will be given 5 swinging strikes before being called out. Each inning carries a 5 run limit.

  • Junior Mustang: Age Range - 05/01/ to 04/30/

    The base path is set at 60 feet with the pitcher's mound set at 44 feet. In this Fall division, stealing is allowed; however, home base is closed to stealing. Games will be a mix of live pitching and coach pitching. Each at bat will begin with a live pitcher, but walks will not be allowed. Upon walking the batter, a coach will step in to pitch to the batter (batters will be given 3 swinging strikes against the coach).

  • Junior Bronco: Age Range - 05/01/ to 04/30/

    The base path is set at 70 feet with the pitcher's mound set at 48 feet. In this division, the games will be played under full baseball rules: lead offs, balks, drop third strikes, steals, etc.